Monday, December 1, 2008

Holidays Tips - Plan Fun Activities for Family

Holidays Tips - Plan Fun Activities for Family

by Nicole Mendari

It's so easy to get caught up in the preparations for the
holidays. Shopping, baking, cooking, wrapping, cleaning,
and chauffeuring the kids everywhere they need to go. As
you make your list of things to do, be sure to include some
fun activities that include your friends, family members,
co-workers and neighbors. After all, fellowship and
companionship is a big part of the holiday season, so make
sure you spend some quality fun time with those who mean the
most to you.

Christmas Caroling is a fun way to include not only those
that you already know, but a great way to break the ice and
meet new neighbors and people. Print up a few words, enter a
portable stereo with the music of Christmas, and tour your
neighborhood singing Christmas carols. No matter if you are
not the best singer. People of all ages can enjoy this
tradition carried into the modern holiday season. If you do
not feel comfortable caroling in neighborhoods or houses you
do not know, consider having a mobile caroling bus that goes
to the homes of people you know to carol. Take a bucket of
candy canes or Christmas to go to the home you are leaving.
You might also consider caroling on behalf of a charitable
organization favorite. Building a secure donation bucket or
a box that clearly shows the name and address of the
organization that can help you. Some people may not be
comfortable financially to you personally, and it is normal.

Hand them some preprinted slips of paper with the
organization's name, address and phone number along with a
short statement on what they do, and encourage them to
donate directly.

Curling is another great activity to do with friends and
family. Not only promote get a little exercise, but it's a
great way to spend time outside enjoying the winter
crispness of the air if you live in a suitable climate.
Otherwise, most cities have local skating rinks. Check your
calendar in advance and send invitations to several members
of the family or friends and make an afternoon of it.

Consider encouraging your friends and relatives to join in a
tour of volunteers to help a local nursing home or shelter
home this holiday season. You can sing carols with the
residents of the nursing home, or help dish out hot soup
bowls and pass out blankets for those in need. If you know a
family in need this holiday season, perhaps their friends
and relatives could put together a holiday gift basket and
fill a laundry basket of food, baked goods, and treats and
small gifts for Christmas children of the family. It is a
good way to teach children the importance of reward their
community and help those who are less fortunate then

Remember the reason for the season, and spend time with
their friends and family, and maybe even help others in the
process. Have a great party!

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Celebrating The Twelve Days of Christmas

Celebrating The Twelve Days of Christmas

by Kerry Beck

There are many beliefs and traditions behind the twelve days
of Christmas. Many people are confused as to when this
holiday period is celebrated. Some people believe that the
holiday consists of the 12 days prior to Christmas (part of
Advent). In fact, it actually consists of the 12 days after

Christmastide is another name for this time period. The
celebrations and traditions that take place during this time
period vary slightly. It depends on the denomination of
your church as well as where you live in the world. Each
denomination and culture has different beliefs on how the
time period should be celebrated.

Some cultures and/or denominations consider the twelve days
of Christmas as the time period that consists of Christmas
day, December 25th all the way to the 5th day of January.
Other cultures and/or denominations consider the 12 days to
be the evening of Christmas until the 6th day of January.

The 12 days of Christmas reflects a major component of the
Christmas history. As we know Christmas day represents the
birth date of Jesus Christ. The 12 days of Christmas
represents the time period in which the 3 Kings from the
region of Arabia decided to visit the baby Jesus. Traveling
from their homeland they traveled to Bethlehem to see the
infant. When they arrived, they presented gifts of great
value, gold, frankincense and myrrh to Jesus.

There are various philosophies of when the appropriate time
to give gifts is during this time period. Many people
identify Christmas day as the appropriate time to give
gifts. Others save their gifts until the 12th day of
Christmas. There are also many cultures and denominations
that believe that a gift should be given each day of the 12

This holiday period has a number of different ways that you
can celebrate it. Many people celebrate it by lighting
candles for the 12 days. For example, on each day of the 12
days, they light a candle to represent the progression of
the Christmastide season.

Another tradition that you can use to celebrate is Christmas
dinner. Like gift giving, Christmas dinner is handled
differently as well. It can be done on Christmas day. It
can be done on the 12th day of Christmas. It can even be
done every day of the 12 days.

Then of course you have the 12 days of Christmas song. This
song is the one where the lyrics are "On the first day of
Christmas my true love gave to me" There are many people
who believe that this song actually refers to different
components of the Christian faith, such as the Trinity and
the 4 Gospels of Christ. Other people believe that this is
false and is simply an urban legend.

The twelve days of Christmas is celebrated all over the
world a wide variety of different ways. Regardless of how
you choose to celebrate it, it can be a great opportunity
for you to gather with your family and draw closer together
in the spirit of the holiday season.

Kerry Beck offers (
free advent calendars with daily Christmas projects to
prepare your family for Christmas. Your family will discover
more about
holiday traditions with some of the daily projects.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Less Stress During the Holidays

Less Stress During the Holidays

by Kerry Beck

You might say that I have lost my mind if I said that I have
a stress free Christmas. Well, my sanity is still intact and
we have had several Christmases that were stress-free in the
past. I would like to tell you about the things I've learned
to help reduce the stress during the Yuletide season.


Reading Gods Word seems to be the first obvious task every
mom should do, but we sometimes forget that. I need to hear
from Him & talk to Him everyday so I am invigorated to be
the mom that He wants me to be. During mealtime, we do our
family devotions and jumpstart our kids' day on the proper
footing as well. Each of my children know that they are to
read the Bible after waking up. There are times ,of course,
that one of them needs a little more reminding than usual.


Although evident, it took me a couple of years to learn this
lesson. In reality, my husband helped me lessen the activity
in our lives during the holiday season.

Back then, I wanted the children to experience everything
available during Christmas. Instead, stress and nervousness
crept up and finally would explode around Christmas Eve or
Christmas Day. (I'm positive that none of you have gone
through this before.


What works for us is to select 1 or 2 Christmas activities
to go to outside our home. Other than those 2 activities,
most time is spent in our home. This way I'm not harboring
stress by bothering my husband to attend one more Christmas
activity each week. He is still providing for our family and
loving it. Therefore, he is much happier going to a few
activities and enjoying being with family and friends at

Having other people in our home gives us a lot of
satisfaction, so we capitalize on this. With cooking and
cleaning done by the children, our work is lessened and I am
not feeling stressed when our visitors arrive.


I always more activities for our family than we ever have
time for. In our Thanksgiving weekend I decided which
activities can be postponed until next Christmas season.


I try to select activities that help my children to think of
others, instead of themselves during Christmas. What we have
done in the past is raise money for a missionary family. My
kids would take orders for loaves of pumpkin bread and
cookies. After baking and delivering them to their waiting
customers, they would pay me back for the materials used.
The rest of the money is used to buy games and toys that can
be used by the needy.

This year we hope to have some kids over our house to bake
cookies so their moms can do some uninterrupted Christmas
shopping. A Christmas card stamping party for the younger
kids would make a swell activity. I'm still thinking on how
that will work.

I have some other ideas that are included in Advent,
Christmas & Epiphany Celebration Ideas.


For those of you who homeschool, lessen some of the formal
academics and enjoy these times. As we bake, shop and
prepare for Christs birthday, we are also doing math and
writing and reading with these activities.

At our house, we still read aloud each morning and then work
on a Christmas project. This may include handwork type
crafts or other quiet projects.

and rank each activity according to importance. Then, choose
only 1 or 2 activities that the whole family will love and
do the rest another time.

Its a wonderful experience having your family at home.
Invite another over to roast marshmallows and have fun with
the fellowship. And don't forget, keep your eyes and hearts
focused on the Child Jesus. Without His love for mankind,
you won't be celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while
we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not
of yourselves, it is the gift of God. Ephesians 2:8

Kerry Beck gives free
( advent calendars
with daily Christmas activities to prepare you for
Christmas. you will discover more about
Christmas history with some of the daily projects.

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Accommodation in cyprus

Cyprus Holiday Villas-The Best Choice For A Great Holiday

by Tim Martins

A Picturesque setting under the Mediterranean sun, Cyprus is
an island with great history although it has managed to
blend in perfectly with modern day world. It adorns a unique
holding on European culture as well as a fascination for the
ancient. There are so many things just waiting to be
discovered with captivating beaches, sweet scented mountain
peaks, vineyards scattered with olive trees, as well as
groves of lemon trees and remains of historical villages. It
can all be found here in Cyprus.

There are an abundance of villas in Cyprus, either close to
or far from the beaches. The resorts are unique in their
surroundings, garden scenery and cultural festivity. The
accommodation also offers you perfect luxury allowing you
and your family to enjoy that so important quality time
together. Apart from the luxury villas, there are also a
full range of exclusive apartments including those found in
Paphos which provide great access to the beaches. All of
this holiday accommodation is also available as long term

Also available are a complete choice of Cyprus villas as
rentals. You will find Cyprus villas and immaculate
apartments with rental properties also available in Coral
Bay, Peyia, Kamares, and Aphrodite Hills. All of these
villas offer a variety of amenities, air- conditioning,
outstanding hygiene, 24 hour room service and virtually
anything you could possibly ask for on vacation. The villas
also overlook the sea and include a swimming pool, ideal for
both adults and kids. Sporting entertainment includes both
golf courses and skiing resorts.

Magnificent Cyprus holiday villas can also be found in other
locations such as Sea Caves. An excellent residential resort
near Paphos offers a variety of quality villas. Its location
is ideal, reasonably close to the airport and with the close
proximity of bars, restaurants and shops. And just round the
corner you will find the Akamas Peninsula riddled with
excellent swimming locations.

Coral bay Area Villas: These offer proximity and closeness
to beach. Kato Paphos Villas: These offer the option of
having swimming pool in Kato Paphos near Hesperides Gardens.
Pervolia: Offer swimming pool in pervolia with great
tavernas and beaches around. Secret Valley Resort Villa:
These are villas located in the beautiful secret valley golf
resort. Peyia Village Villa: Villas located in and around
peyia village and in between the village and coral bay.
Central Paphos: These offer proximity to city and bars and
restaurants around.

Holiday Villas in Cyprus are ideal for everyone whether it
be people on holiday or on business young and old alike.
These villas are ideally located in a peaceful ambiance
around existing historical villages. On the other hand they
are handy to the coastal nightlife if you fancy it. So all
you have to do in order to find your own personal holiday
requirements is to step out of your villas front door.

A villa in Northern Cyprus provides you with an ideal base
from where you can discover the spectacular landscapes
located in that part of an island. It provides you with
opportunities to have fun and relaxation. This happens to be
appealing to people of all ages-from sightseeing or shopping
in local markets to water sports or sunbathing on a
beautiful beach, the choice is all yours!

Discover these ( Cyprus
Property Tips produced by the illustrious Tim Martins and
check out his (
Cyprus Travel Blog


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Cyprus Villa Rental Guide For All the Family

Cyprus Villa Rental Guide For All the Family

by Tim Martins

Considering a holiday in Cyprus this summer to South Cyprus
and staying in a Luxury Cyprus Villa? You are - then you
Must Discover the most important points to avoid any
possible upsets. Finding the perfect Cyprus Villa, just
follow this simple Cyprus Vacation Holiday Tips Guide and
you will be assured a perfect holiday in South Cyprus.

First of all you need to select a top recommended Cyprus
Letting Agency or at least a recommended Cyprus Internet
Booking Agency through people who have previously taken on
their services with 0 problems. As soon as the complete
Cyprus Letting is confirmed along with full contact data,
you can make your Cyprus Rental payment and not before. The
safest form of on-line payment is through a Paypal account
whereby you don't even require a credit card. The WWW. will
also help you in finding the best Cyprus property advice as
there are now just loads of social bookmarking internet
pages such as Delicious where real human beings write their
opinion about their own experiences on-line regarding Cyprus
Letting Agencies.

You might think about using Google to search for the best
Cyprus Property Management outfit and that a revealing past
shown is revealed. In order to double check quoted Cyprus
Holiday Costs you could always make comparisons with high
street holiday travel Agents that promote Cyprus. You will
also need to watch out for prices in Euros but this can also
be verified by on-line exchange rate sites such as

It is so important that you have the correct arrival
instructions to get to your Cyprus rental property as you
might need to travel to your final Cyprus vacation property
by yourself or at least with the assistance of a taxi
driver. The best free on-line tool is Google Earth which
will show you precisely where your Cyprus rental property is
and you see the surrounding areas as well.

If you have reached this point and you are concerned about
any reservation that you may already have made, don't worry
yet as it may still be possible to change your holiday
reservation. Just follow this guide to find an alternative
rental villa in Cyprus and I really do hope that you have a
fantastic holiday this year.

Discover these ( Cyprus Villa
Tips produced by the renowned Tim Martins and check out his
( Cyprus Travel

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Formal Night on a Cruise: What to Wear on a Cruise Ship

Formal Night on a Cruise: What to Wear

Author: Amy Nutt

Cruises are typically a laid back affair, but despite being a way to relax and take a vacation, it's fun to dress up nicely from time to time. If you've never been on a dinner cruise before, you'll probably want to ensure that you know what to wear for formal attire.

Formal Night on a Cruise: What to Wear
Cruises are typically a laid back affair, but despite being a way to relax and take a vacation, it's fun to dress up nicely from time to time. Formal nights allow just that. If you've never been on a dinner cruise ship before, you'll probably want to ensure that you know what to bring for formal night.

Dressing Up on a Dinner Cruise
It's normal to dress semi-formally for dinner on a cruise, particularly if you are eating in the nicer dining room, as opposed to ordering in or eating at a more informal area. A nice dress or slacks and a blouse for women are appropriate for these dinners, a suit or slacks and a tucked in button-down shirt work well for men.

Another opportunity to dress up a bit would be when you hit the dance floor on the cruise ship. Many people prefer to wear nice clothes and shorts are generally frowned upon in this case. These are the normal situations that you would find yourself dressing up for on a cruise. Nothing terribly formal and the atmosphere is still relatively casual. Not so on Formal Night.

What to Pack for Formal Night on a Cruise

The formal night on a cruise is meant to be one of a kind and it shows. While a nice suit can be acceptable for a man, tuxedos are now the norm on many cruises. Just think of what you would wear to a nice wedding . . . if it would pass there, then you're probably good to go.

Women have far more choice in what to wear. Formal ballgowns are definitely an option, but your most elegant "little black dress" can also be very appropriate. Again, imagine wearing it to a wedding and you'll know if it's formal enough. Women may choose to wear brighter colors, like red or emerald green, but when in doubt, stick to black or white to be sure you'll fit in.

For women, matching shoes and jewelry is a must. If you have an elegant gold chain or something more formal such as a string of pearls, that will dress up any outfit. Matching earrings add an extra touch of elegance to the outfit, too. Add a touch of more formal makeup and do your hair up for the ultimate in elegant looks.

Can You Rent?
Often cruise ships will have a tuxedo and dress rental where you can pick up something for the evening that will be appropriate. However, these rentals are usually booked very early, so make sure to book as soon as you board, or even earlier, if possible. This requires that you be aware of the option, of course, so you'll need to talk to your cruise ship representative about the Formal Night.

If you find that you are just really stressing out about the dinner cruise event, just make it easy on yourself. Call up the cruise line ahead of time to find out just what is required. Are they offering rentals? Will there be a theme to the Formal Night? Preparing yourself for this event will keep the stress levels to a minimum and allow you to truly enjoy the Toronto Harbour cruise.

Formal Night is a night meant to be super romantic and beautiful. While not everyone enjoys dressing up, it is still a wonderful occasion to enjoy your partner and have fun in a more upscale environment where you can be the belle of the ball or the prince of the hour for a short while. Just be prepared and arrange everything ahead of time to make sure you won't be thinking about the event the whole time.

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Beautiful Vacations in Altea, Spain, Alicante

Beautiful Vacations in Spain

by Ray Walberg

Altea is a city which is located 15km to the north of
Benidorm. This city is one of the few that has kept the
image of a traditional Spanish fishing village. They have
successfully carved out a tourist industry without having to
say goodbye to their natural beauty.

This village is much more relaxed than the other larger
cities. The weather is much milder in the summer and winter.
This is because the hills which surround the city make the
temperature much more comfortable during both the summer and
the winter.

Finding Travel and Accommodation in Altea

Most tourists traveling to Altea fly into Alicante airport,
this is located about half an hour away from the village by
car. You can hire a car from the airport for convenience.
You can also get a number of buses and trains from Alicante
to Altea.

There is a ( nice
mountainous area just outside of the main village, this have
some amazing views. Real estate is becoming very desirable
in these areas. There are many new hotels and apartments
springing up in these locations.

Altea Attractions

I personally think that Altea is one of the most beautiful
areas in all of Spain. It's very tranquil and relaxing. The
writer proves to be a draw for Spanish and international
tourists, especially writers and painters. Some of these may
stay for a short period, others live there permanently. Most
will stay in the area which is around the old church.

The church is fairly famous, it's known as the Nuestra
Senora DelConsuelo. This was built in 1910 and is based on
Mediterranean architecture. All of the tiles are hand
painted. The blue dome can be seen from quite some distance
and is somewhat of a landmark.

Not far from the beach and harbor you will find a number of
independent stores which are greet for shopping. Most of
these stores open at 10:00am and close at 9:00pm. Many of
these stores are closed for a siesta from 2:00pm until 4:00,
or 5:00pm. Larger stores typically stay open throughout the

The best way to see Altea close up is to take a walking
tour. This will allow you to see the town and mountain areas
in all its glory. The mountain walkingtours in Altea can be

very relaxing as you get to enjoy
nature. You could also take a private tour of many of the
trails which go around the village. There are even all
inclusive tours which are available for a few days up to a

From Easter to September there is a wonderful craft market.
This can be found near the harbor area. There are many local
crafts offered at these events and you can find a number of
beautiful hand crafted items at quite a reasonable price.

Because of the mild weather conditions this region is well
known for its golfing vacations. There is a golf club which
is great for visitors to the region.

If you want to have a more active night life then you should
take a trip to Benidorm. This is a larger city and can be
reached for a day trip. There are plenty of water parks,
night clubs and theme parks here.

Ray Walberg published most often for , a website on the topic of
altea in spain and the village of altea in Spain. His work
on ( altea hills
can be found on his website .

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